‘Mula Sa Buwan’ songwriter William Elvin traces back his indie music roots

Before “Mula Sa Buwan” made him popular, singer-songwriter William Elvin was selling self-produced CDs to anyone willing to listen.

Elvin’s musicality was first noticed by his theater classmates and mentors through these home-recorded albums in the late 2000s. He eventually had opportunities to write several Filipino musicals from 2009 to 2016.

“Social media wasn’t as big then as it is today, so we had to rely on friends and families to sell the few copies that we personally handed over to them,” William said. “Every CD sold, and every positive comment we got felt like hard-earned personal achievements.”

In 2019, Elvin has returned to the do-it-yourself, free-spirited musical approach in his new album “Sacred/Profane/Mundane.”

 “Sacred/ Profane/Mundane” is a collection of original compositions that highlight introspective, emotional, and carefully crafted lyricism; dreamy and whimsical melodies; as well as raw, visceral and intuitive musical arrangements – drawing from various influences such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and Filipino alternative pop/rock acts.

Described as “brilliant”, “soulful andmelodic” and “theatrical but authentic,” Elvin’s unique sound is exemplified by the album’s promotional singles:  the country/folk-inspired “(I Will Be) The Happy, Shiny One (For You), “The Last Lovers on Earth” as well as the haunting ballad “Ang Sabi Nila,”,which is now gaining listeners on Spotify and Apple Music.

Watch  Elvin perform live, with fellow musicians Roger Alcantara, Rigil Borromeo, Dana Marquez, and Satur Tiamson, to launch “Sacred/Profane/Mundane” at the Black Box Theater of the PARC Foundation (494 Lt. Artiaga, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila, Philippines) on June 25, 2019. Tuesday, at 7 pm. Tickets are available at Ticket2Me.net.

Listen to William Elvin’s music and get more updates and information by visiting his official homepage at http://www.williamelvin.com.

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