, PH unprecedented online art marketplace, launched

Harvest Season
Jose Rizal and the Gang

Manobo Woman
Sunset at the Valley of the Kings
Virgin and the Young People

The unprecedented online Philippine art marketplace featuring emerging and seasoned Filipino visual artists and their artworks has been launched.

The launch of ( coincided with the physical exhibition “Sariling Sining: A Showcase of Contemporary Filipino Art,” which was held at the Art Circle Gallery, 3L Ayala Malls Circuit, Makati City, on Oct. 25 – 27, 2019., led by its CEO and Founder Yuri Stegeman, together with the six exhibiting artists Armenius Aralar of Binangonan, Rizal; August Punzal of Taytay, Rizal; Hermel Alejandre (guest artist) of Camarines Sur; Jose Ehric Egualada of Boracay Island, Aklan; Pamela Lei Bermudez of Las Pinas City, and Ryan D. Orig of Pandacan, Manila/Iloilo City, expressed their support to the new digital platform. has been created to help Filipino artists to be seen by a wider audience and for art lovers to have easier access to art, an announcement about the launch said.

“People are diverse and so is art. By being accessible online, provides plenty of space to showcase this diversity and the Filipino’s exemplary artistry,” the announcement said.

One of the featured artists, Aklan-based Egualada said “Art in my region is extremely popular. Even though I live by the beaches of Boracay, I’ve been hoping that my art will be able to reach even the outskirts of Manila. My art pieces recreate a society centered on faith, nature, and people. It’s an honor and privilege to share my works with other people. Thanks to, I can make these things possible.”

“Of course, physically seeing an artwork in real life is and should be a different experience than seeing a representation online, but considering the benefits, it’s a very good alternative for perusing and buying such,” Stegeman said.

“I’m very happy that art fairs have become increasingly popular; it shows that art is important to Filipinos. But even in those fairs, they often showcase the more established artists whose artworks are quite inaccessible to many because of their prices,” he said.

“ takes away those boundaries by showcasing a whole lot more artists and offer prices for every Juan. And if an original piece of art is still inaccessible because of the price, we also offer prints via our partner, No Blank Walls; it’s a less expensive way of getting beautiful art into your home, office, or personal space,” he said.

Developed by Internet solutions company Chanz Global, currently features curated contemporary artworks such as painting, drawings, and mixed media – sculptures and photographs will be available, too, in the coming months. has been receiving hundreds of art submissions from all over the country.

About the Artists Supporting Launch-Exhibit
Armenius Aralar

Expressionist, Binangonan, Rizal
Armenius only realized this passion for arts at a later age. His art revolves around freedom and expression; he believes that everybody has their interpretations of everything, which includes his art.

August Punzal
Abstract Artist, Taytay, Rizal
A former banker at a top firm, August presents his art in the abstract form – with a twist of enthusiasm for what is life beyond his home country, such as in Egypt and elsewhere.

Hermel Alejandre (Guest Artist)
Cubist, Expressionist, Camarines Sur
Inspired by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, Hermel is an artist born to fulfill one thing: to bring forth happiness in his audience. Strength, passion, and integrity are his main ideas to reflect on his art

Jose Ehric Egualada
Expressionist, Boracay Island, Aklan
Raised in a religious family along the beaches of Boracay Island, Ehric channels his creative flow into art pieces that recreate a society centered on God, nature, and people. He is also an art educator and critic.

Pamela Lei Bermudez
Expressionist, Las Pinas City, Manila
A graphic designer and painter, Pamela’s artworks are visual representations that pay tribute to some of the most respected occupations of Filipinos.

Ryan D. Orig
Portrait Artist, Pandacan, Manila/Iloilo City
Ryan’s works creatively portray the lives of our fellow Filipinos in the rural areas. Launch-Exhibit had been made possible with the help of industry partners: online property portal; art and craft company The Craft Central; courier service company SNDT; high-quality photo printer No Blank Walls; Art Circle Gallery-Circuit, and Ayala Malls Circuit.

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