Day 1 Metro Manila lockdown chronicle (March 15, 2020)

While doing my 8 am to 10 am Sunday morning (March 15, 2020) walk around Welcome Rotonda, I spotted two groups of riders specializing in food delivery.

I asked them if there was a noticeable decline in food orders this morning. They chorused a resounding yes. They explained that Metro Manila residents went out of the region since Friday morning.

Without the lockdown, the riders said Sunday mornings are busy periods for them.

They said they are “nagbabakasakali na may oorder kasi po wala kaming kakainin at ipapakain sa asawa at anak.”

Bike riders are also prohibited from picking up passengers due to “social distance” policy being implemented.

Tens of thousands are out of work suddenly.

#MMLockdown #MMQuarantine #Covid19 #NoSafetyNet #InformalSectorHardestHit

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