CCP prioritizes arts therapy, mental wellness programs to help Filipinos

CCP Main Building / CCP Photo

Unfazed by President Duterte’s threat that the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) complex maybe sold to fund post-Covid19 government expenses, the CCP said it is prioritizing arts and culture programs to bring the “inspirational and healing properties of arts and culture” to ordinary Filipinos.

For example, the CCP said the Arts for Therapy Program will develop and implement modules on arts for mental wellness and hold arts for healing activities.

The CCP said it is “realigning its artistic programs with the goal of protecting lives and livelihoods while continuing to deliver educational and inspiring content to Filipinos on alternative platforms.”

Also, the CCP will offer its online resources to supplement home schooling.

“The CCP is located at the CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, with a total land area of 608,569 square meters. It was created in 1966 through Executive Order No. 30 and formally inaugurated on Sept. 8, 1969, as a trust for the benefit of the people for the purpose of preserving and promoting Philippine culture in all its varied aspects’” according to the center’s background materials .

To achieve this goal, the CCP said it is pursuing the following strategies:

1. Use alternative modes of engagement so that Filipinos continue to benefit from the educational, inspirational, and healing properties of arts and culture;

2. Protect livelihoods in the arts and culture sector by continuing to employ artists in the alternative production and distribution platforms;

3. Invest in capabilities that equip artists and cultural workers to innovate on methods of production and distribution during the enhanced community quarantine and the post-Covid19 pandemic period; and

4. Collaborate with artists and companies to digitize content in order to create new markets and new job opportunities in the arts.

The following programs to be prioritized consist of Arts and Culture Online, Live Arts on Lockdown, and Arts for Therapy and Capacity-building program.

Under Arts and Culture Online, the video streaming of archival recordings, HD, and edited recordings were rolled out in early April.

In the works are the Time Capsule to Document the Arts in the Time of Covid19 and Virtual Reality (VR) galleries and museum.

The CCP will seek partnerships and collaboration in the areas of education, fundraising, and communication.

The Live Arts on Lockdown program is going to test the waters in June with the Virgin Labfest as a pilot activity for re-tooling and upskilling artists and production staff for online production and delivery.

An example of activities under the Arts for Therapy Program is a pocket concert of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra.

Under the Capacity-building program, CCP will provide training modules for upskilling of artists and cultural workers in art therapy and online technology.

With enforced mass quarantine, physical distancing, and community lockdowns, the arts and culture sector has suffered from cancellation of shows and events and closure of venues.

As a result, arts and culture workers have displaced and investments in productions lost.

“With the realignment of its programs, the CCP hopes to build on its strengths and keep true to its mission of making arts matter to the lives of Filipinos,” the CCP said.

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