HUMANS OF THE LOCKDOWN: Painters, paintings during the Covid19 pandemic

Instead of holding placards to beg for money from passers-by and vehicle owners, these two men proudly hold aloft their paintings in a bid to sell them along Mayon Street, between Pi y Margall and Padre Florentino streets, two blocks from Mabuhay Welcome Rotonda.

If you are not familiar with the area, look for One Mayon Place, #68 Mayon Street, they stand across from the tall building, where they seek shelter when the weather is unkind.

They told me each painting sells at Php 2,500. Six paintings were on display at the sidewalk when I visited them. One can always bargain.

Let us support the hard-working Filipinos struggling to survive in these difficult days.

October 3, 2020 LockdownDay204 #LockdownPhotoDiary #LockdownDiary #Covid19PH #StreetLife #StreetArt #VisualArt #Painting

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